Plan your build

Whether you have a design in place or seeking advice to craft one, contact us in the first instance. We can help you decide on designs that suit your needs and your budget. We’ll come out and meet with you to discuss your requirements. We can then price the build and present our quote.

Tip: When comparing building quotes, ensure they include precisely the same scope of building works, materials, fixtures and finish so you get an accurate comparison.​


Choose your building project team

Once settled on a design, choose who you will work with to achieve it. Using an architect’s design, we can be the liaison between you and the architect and manage the project.

Tip: Have your Builder go over your plans. Having a “builder’s eye”, they will imagine the building sequence, identify any issues early preventing costly delays later. Choose your Project Manager. Their role is to co-ordinate tradespeople and subcontractors.


Get building consents in order

Your building plan forms the basis of your building consent application. This is often handled by the architect or builder. Variations to consented plans can be made in conjunction with your local council.

Tip: There may be additional costs or delays associated with changes to consent. Your building consent will lapse if you don’t start the building work within 12 months, unless you have arranged an extension with your council.


Building construction can begin

Once consents and contracts are finalised, construction can begin. Your Project Manager is responsible for monitoring build progress and organising council inspections and sign off. This ensures the project is being built in accordance with required consents.

Tip: Compliance certificates from all relevant trades will need to be kept as council will require them for Code of Compliance sign off.


Building sign off and move in

Complete your building project as set out in consents, plans and contracts. Make all final payments as agreed. Apply and obtain your Code of Compliance Certificate from council.

Tip: Contractors are required to notify the new home-owner, of any required maintenance related to products and materials used in the build. This ensures any warranties and guarantees associated with materials and products installed are effective.

Set your move in date. Turn the key on your new home and enjoy.​

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