steve brett and steve lyneSelect Building Ltd understand your home is your greatest asset and your personal sanctuary. Providing an efficient, detailed design and build service for new homes and a substantial Project Management service for renovation of existing homes, is the hallmark of our commitment to Canterbury homeowners.

We bring your plans to life and meeting deadlines without compromising quality, we will work closely with you every step of the way.

Building a new home should be exciting and enjoyable. Select Building Ltd are renowned for having insight into how to design, plan and construct your dream home while ensuring your experience is pleasant and stress-free.

Select Building Management Team

Steve Brett

Steve Brett

Builder and Project Manager

Steve Brett has 18 years experience both on the tools and in the design room ensuring a smooth go-between between new homeowners and construction professionals.

His experience in the residential building sector means he is able to effectively co-ordinate with architects, subcontractors, engineers and local authorities to ensure your building project flows smoothly and we will assist you throughout the building process.

Equally adept at actually undertaking the on-site building work, Steve has a unique ability to build to exact specification and manage workflow and deadlines on any scale project.

Steve Lyne

Steve Lyne

Builder and Construction Manager

Steve Lyne has 28 years experience in building on both sides of the Tasman and the Pacific.

With a diverse range of building projects under his belt, in more recent times Steve settled in Canterbury with his wife and their three children. Prior to that he spent six years as project and construction manager for Pacific Resort Aitutaki in the Cook Islands.

Project management and delivery in post quake Canterbury he has honed his skills; while his reputation as a careful and attentive builder holds him in good stead with firms throughout the region.

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